We’re Pathway Group

Pathway Groups is built to be the path between an ever-evolving skilled labor market and the companies who need them.

• Using our technology stack to create a user experience that is seamless and effortless
• Our recruiters are experts in manufacturing recruitment. Delivering value throughout
the life cycle of the recruitment process for both the candidate and the client.
• Create transparency in the hiring process for both candidate and client.
• Create a culture of servant leadership and work life balance.

About The Founders

Pathway Group founders and brothers, David and Matthew Osborne were drawn to the captivating process of manufacturing – the makers, the doers, and the innovators.

The brothers saw a need for a recruiting firm that focused on the value of people as the driving force behind the success of manufacturing. Carrying on a legacy, the Osborne brothers come from three generations of staffing expertise. Armed with passion and grit, the brothers have built a servant leadership team with a people driven purpose. Pathway Group shapes the manufacturing industry by focusing on our mission: the Pathway between great people and great companies.

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Our Culture

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Great People drive the success of Great Companies

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Get recognized and rewarded for the impact you make.

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Join people who want to lead and grow like you and with you.

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We are in constant pursuit of learning, improving, and growing.

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