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The primary role of a CNC Machinist is to create machine parts and tools using precision computer equipment. CNC (computer numerical control) Machinists set up, adjust and maintain all equipment used in their daily job activities. They are also responsible for creating programming instructions for the parts they are manufacturing. Once the parts or tools have been produced, CNC Machinists inspect the finished products to ensure they meet all specifications.

Requirements and skills:
Analytical, problem-solving and mechanical skills top the list of required abilities that must be displayed by CNC Machinists. Eye-hand coordination, strong math skills and the ability to stand for long periods of time at lathes, drills and other equipment are vital capabilities as well. Also, CNC Machinists should be detail-oriented individuals who can work with little or no supervision and possess strong written communication and computer skills. Besides these crucial skills, it is also important for CNC Machinists to possess the following abilities:

Set up and operate precision equipment. 
Maintain Precision Equipment.
Inspect and Test Finished Products.
Create Programming Documentation. 
Understanding of the operations of drills, lathes and milling equipment.
Reading schematics, blueprints and other documentation.
Writing and maintaining inspection and programming logs and manuals.
Knowledge of safety regulations regarding all CNC equipment.
Precision equipment computer software.
2-5 years of Milling and Lathe experience required. 
Mill, Lathe, and Programming set up (using Fusion 360 and Surfcam CAM software) experience required. 

Monday – Friday 
7:00 am to 3:30 pm 

Payrate DOE:
$20.00 – $50.00/hr. 

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